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In regards to a better name.. there are cases where I wouldnt recommended moving to a better, more brand able domain. I base my recommendations on having done organic SEO (and domaining) since 1996. Sure, there are new gTLD names that are not better, but if a business can get a better name then they should pull the trigger on it if they can.

Jacksonville.Attorney is just a better, more brandable name than And, is better, also. He probably would have had the same results if he had moved to, but that doesnt make for a good story.

You said this:

>> So far, there is absolutely ZERO proof that a new TLD is better than a .com, even if it looks better on paper it might still receive all kinds of typos of people going to the .com because of memory retention problems when dealing with thousands of new extensions.

Well, when it comes to branding, and getting real people to CLICK on a website listing, and click on an ad, those New gTLDs, stuff like Jacksonville.Attorney, DOES look good on paper, and thats why people are clicking on the ads and clicking on the sites and visiting them. They simply look good. Did I mention that click-thru rate in the search results is, in fact, a search engine ranking factor?

Also, you mentioned the fact that it might still receive all kinds of typos. While that might be the case, we actually have NO PROOF that there are even any typos. I havent see ANY studies or proof anywhere that shows how often people (real people) are adding .com to the end of something like, like if you told them in person to go to they would type in Id like to see some data around that. I totally get what youre saying, but we just dont know that thats a valid argument.

Im not sure where you get come up with the fact that registries are just scumbag snake oil salesmen. Granted there may be some out there, but Im not aware of any.

In 2014 when I started to look into the New gTLDs, I did it from a marketing perspective and wanted proof that theyre better for marketing purposes. Like whether or not people click on them if its in an ad or if they will actually rank. I only became a believer when I saw the proof that they work.

.Biz, .mobi,, and .info are not even in the same league as some of the topical, niche, keyword rich new TLDs. You cant compare a .biz to a .ATTORNEY if an attorney is going to use one or the other. There are good TLDs and there are ones I wouldnt use. But you shouldnt put all TLDs into the same bucket as being loser extensions.

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